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Areas of Expertise

Educational Audiology Services


CT EARS offers educational audiology services for mainstreamed students in public/magnet schools, and children transitioning from Birth to Three Services to public school settings. 

Classroom acoustic evaluations/observations and recommendations on appropriate FM/DM equipment needs. 


Initial set up of equipment with the student and team of professionals working with them.

Staff training and school wide professional development regarding  students with hearing loss and equipment use.

PPT/504 meetings
Baby with Hearing Aid

Attendance at PPT/504 team meetings in public or private schools and Birth to Three transition meetings into preschool. 


Assisting the team in generating and executing the language and communication plan for all hearing impaired students. 


Assistance with IEP goal setting for students with hearing loss, or 504 accommodation planning. 

Equipment Connectivity

As computers and technology advance, classroom environments are becoming more technologically driven.  Connecting students' hearing aids and cochlear implants to other classroom technology is necessary as more is being taught with electronics in the classroom.  CT EARS connects classroom technology including Smartboards, computers, laptops, and any other audio/video equipment in the class to the FM/DM systems making the curriculum more accessible. 

My Approach
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