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Katherine Sullivan MS, CCC-SLP


Katherine Sullivan provides auditory-verbal therapy and aural rehabilitation/habilitation in both the school and outpatient settings. She helps children learn to listen with their hearing aids or cochlear implants and assistive technologies and find optimal ways to communicate and learn speech and language. She also trains teachers and children on how to take care of hearing aids and other devices. 
Katherine has had a career working in parent-infant programs, preschool, elementary school settings where she not only provided aural habilitation but also specialized in facilitating pre-literacy skills and reading.   She is trained in helping babies to learn to listen and in coaching parents/caregivers to create healthy listening and learning home environments.  It is important for parents to feel empowered to help their children with hearing loss progress.  
Katherine earned her Bachelor of Arts from George Washington University and a Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Gallaudet University in 2001.  There she became proficient in American Sign Language and specialized in teaching Deaf adults and undergraduates to lipread, speech read, and use their hearing aid and/cochlear implant technology to best access spoken language.  She also completed internships at Kendall Demonstration Elementary school and at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf where her focus was teaching through means of Total Communication. 
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